Bone & Quill

Elk Bone with Green Fluorite. Copper inlay oval shape, with 21 inch long necklace. Green Fluorite known as a gentle healer will detoxify and energize all of the chakras, especially when placed on the Heart.

Elk Bone with Green Fluorite

Our Story

Bone & Quill is part of a story called "The Condor meets the Eagle" philosophy. It foretells how Indigenous peoples from the North and South will one day fly side by side in unity. Bone & Quill creates this symbolism through the use of porcupine quills, elk and deer antler bone from the North. Copper and silver from the South, inlaid inpthe aromatic palo santo (wood). Palo santo is traditionally used by Indigenous peoples of the South for smudging. Great detail and craftsmanship are carefully handcrafted in each piece. Each creation evolves from my personal journey in re-connecting with my Indigenous lineage.